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Pawsome Dog groomers in Weymouth service all areas of Weymouth, Portland, Chickerell, Dorchester, Bridport plus much more!!!!

Pawsome Groomers Most Frequently Asked Dog Grooming Questions!

How important is my dogs dental care?

Regularly brushing your pets teeth will help keep their mouth healthy and breath fresher! A healthy diet & plenty of chew toys can also promote good oral care!!!

What should I look out for when brushing my pet?

You should check your pets paws,ears and eyes to ensure they are free from wounds or sores which may possibly lead to infections. Never insert anything into your pets ear canal as probing can cause trauma and infections!!!

Keeping your dogs coat healthy between grooms?

We are happy to offer free dog grooming support via the telephone!! please note that we have to limit this time to no more than 10 minutes.

Whats included in a full dog groom?

A full dog groom package includes: Two shampoos, conditioner, blow dry, full brush out, ears cleaned, hygiene area trimmed, nails trimmed, full body clipping and a scissor finishing (where applicable)!!!

I have a puppy, can you Groom him or her?

We do provide a puppy introduction package and the cost starts a a mere £15.00!!

How much do you charge to Groom a dog?

Our prices vary & can depend on the breed, size and also the condition of the coat. We offer different packages and always prefer to discuss what is suitable for you!!

Do we use cages?

No!!!! We are a cage-free dog salon.

How many dogs do you have at once?

We normally take one dog at a time so that your four legged friend receives our undivided attention. However, we can accommodate two dogs in the salon (if they are from the same household and therefore are used to each other).

How long does it take to groom a dog?

We always allow around 2.5 hours for a full groom. Whilst it is a bit longer than most dog groomers. We do this to allow for rest and play breaks!!! Ask a question?

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